Housing Prorams

Housing Programs

Impoverished families often live in dirty, leaking and leaning shacks that shock modern sensibilities.

Lacking adequate resources, they gather cast-aside tin, plastic and wood, creating improvised shelters that provide little in the way of comfort.

Instead of providing security, these hovels often breed disease and danger. And their crumbling walls too often mirror a family's financial, physical and emotional instability.

Victory Foundation Programme's housing program was designed to help poor families in dire need. A safe, stable home has the power to transform the lives of poor families.

Depending on a family's situation,

Victory Foundation Programme’s housing programs may provide:

  • Building supplies
  • Repair materials
  • New homes
  • Basic furnishings
  • Disaster and emergency aid

Housing program efforts have transformed thousands of lives in meaningful and lasting ways. For impoverished families, having a secure and comfortable home to raise a family is one of the best ways to bridge the gap from poverty to possibility.

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Sponsorship Programs


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Housing Programs


Impoverished families often live in dirty, leaking and leaning shacks that shock modern sensibilities. Lacking adequate Read more...

Community Projects

Community Projects

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Education Program


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Advocate Center

  • Advocate center


Your monthly sponsorship gift of $180 will provide:

  1. Emergency food as needed
  2. Medical and dental care
  3. Educational support
  4. Family assistance
  5. Clothes
  6. Shoes and more!

Sponsorship Program

  • sponsrship program

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