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Over the years education has been sought after by parents for their children regardless of status in the society. For some, it has meant sacrificing so much including mortgaging their property only to have a child go to school.  Different people sought for different reasons. There could have been signification of emancipation, status symbol, investment, economic advancement, whatever the reason, there is common agreement it is necessary and aright for every child to be educated.  VFP is no exception:


  • Give an opportunity for education to the poorest children in the undeserved regions by assisting them with school fees and or educational facilities that can see them through their academic ambitions.
  • Stimulate the poor parents to start income generating activities and become independent in educating their children.
  • Instill in the sponsored youths, a sense of responsibility towards their own education to those contributing to solve education problems of the poor in general.
  • Influence the schools policies in favor of the poor by highlighting their plight and facilitating negotiations between the two.
  • Diffuse the commonly held attitudes that best education is that which gives certificate and leads to an office job by demonstrating and availing “education for a better tomorrow”. i.e. vocational skills

Sponsorship levels:


Joint purchase of school uniforms.  The parents get into groups and save little amounts in the course of the year. The programme chips in the balance. Often some parents are unable to reach the half contribution required. The destitute children are then fully sponsored.


This involves payment of school fees depending on the state of the child as identified and recommended by our field officers. I.e. Cost sharing basis or Full sponsorship.

Course / Training:-

For youths who have finished schools and are qualified for enrolment in formal skills training institutions.  The skills need to have employment potential either formally or informally.  The institution has to be proven credibility.

Informal Sector:-

Take care of youths who finished or dropped out schools preferably down to primary level. Today, entry into formal training is limited to certificate mostly KCSE (O-Levels) and biased towards science subjects without getting to the many limiting details, the slum youth who are at greatest risk of missing and discontinuing education have no chance.  Victory Foundation Programmes’ alternative is sponsorship to informal training with the informal artisans’ scattered all over town in the sun and under trees. For a minimal fee, they are able to train youths to the standard of Trade Test Grade III. After that, advanced training is offered by VFP training workshops to standard of Trade Test Grade I.  A walk through some poor slums in Kibera, Mathare slums in Nairobi, Nyalenda and Obunga in Kisumu, Chiro Chuodho in Homa - Bay and Alum Beach on a normal school day will reveal hundreds of children out of school.  A visit to the few informal schools is staring evidence. Hundreds of children handled in classroom with standing space only and one teacher who is struggling to be heard.  He is lucky if there is no any teacher in the adjacent class equally struggling to teach a different class seating back to back with the former.  The direction each class faces is the only evidence that these are two different congregations.


For the above reason the sponsees continue to rise in number every year.  Currently we are working with for 10 Community Based Schools (CBS) and running three centers in Victory Community Care Center - Rachuonyo (25 children), Gomongo (30children) and Huruma Community School (368 children).

Sponsorship Programs


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Advocate Center

  • Advocate center


Your monthly sponsorship gift of $180 will provide:

  1. Emergency food as needed
  2. Medical and dental care
  3. Educational support
  4. Family assistance
  5. Clothes
  6. Shoes and more!

Sponsorship Program

  • sponsrship program

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